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CANOPIA is a digital platform enabling financial stakeholders such as investors, investment managers and market-shapers to select, implement, monitor, and manage ESG products, portfolios, and rules.

CANOPIA: The digital Compass for your ESG Navigation



Welcome to your tailor-made journey through the third dimension of investment

CANOPIA is an independent and holistic platform, based on a state-of-the-art technology and on a multi-source ESG methodology (ESG Consensus®), responding to the growing complexity of the financial industry demands.
By introducing a third dimension, ESG investments induce a more individual and specific positioning. CANOPIA enables you to manage your ESG values and impact criteria.

The CANOPIA Platform


Implement, monitor, and improve your ESG targets and requirements

CANOPIA is a unique platform providing an end-to-end solution to answer the growing needs for ESG transparency.
CANOPIA is independent and methodology-agnostic. It acts as a powerful engine aggregating multiple contributions from experts and investors.



For Financial and non-financial institutions
ESG-ready suites with packaged and tailor-made use-cases



for Investors

Leading institutional investors and financial firms use CANOPIA to manage their ESG activities, support their strategy and accompany their sustainability transformation.
The unique ability to bring all ESG needs under one roof is a key factor in choosing a digital ESG partner.



for Investment Managers

Growing pressure from all sides towards more transparency will lead Investment Managers to rely on third-party verification of their ESG approach.
CANOPIA is a neutral tool that highlights which ESG actions are formally taken. It validates the approach and strengthens its credibility towards clients and supervisory bodies.



for Market-Shapers

Regulators and supervisors are actively shaping higher requirements to promote ESG quality and consistency. National and international regulations and taxonomy will now be part of the control package necessary for the smooth running of the financial industry.
As a universal monitoring tool, CANOPIA supports Market-Shapers. With its computing power, CANOPIA allows to verify the compliance of any investment with ESG norms, principles and/or regulation.



CANOPIA is a partnership supported by two major players in the Swiss finance industry.


Both companies have played a leading role in the development of the sustainable investment industry in Switzerland, and are co-founder of the Swiss Sustainable Finance (


Conser is also a co-founder of the Geneva Sustainable Finance (, and the ESG provider of the Swiss Sustainable Funds Awards and the Global Sustainable Funds Awards in collaboration with UNCTAD.


Fundo is a leading financial engineers and a pioneer in the development of impact finance solutions for institutional investors.



Access our digital ESG co-innovation ecosystem

We partner with industry-leading financial technology specialists and leading institutions trusted by institutional investors, investment managers, governments and regulators worldwide.



Team up with CANOPIA to help realize our vision to enable every financial institution to manage their ESG and sustainability strategy.

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